We started The Residency because we want to connect the global Change Design community and unlock infinite learning opportunities for practitioners across their impact journey.


Nicole Anand


Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m a political economist practicing mixed-methods research and design strategy. I work on issues of governance at the intersection of participation, data/information/knowledge and design.

I’m currently enjoying the sun in Los Angeles, California scheming with local government, academics and community organizations around issues of collective action. I’m in New York in the Fall at Parsons, The New School of Art and Design, practicing pedagogy to learn pedagogy.


Lauren Weinstein


Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a participatory designer working at the intersection of social innovation and social justice. I work on projects that help bring citizen voice and power into decision making around research, design, and implementation.

I’m currently a guest on Kuarna Land in Australia serving as a Principal at The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI). TACSI keeps my mind and heart busy demystifying systemic change roles within philanthropy; accelerating co-designed alternatives for child protection; and supporting self-determined, Aboriginal-led justice reform.